Polichinelles Try on their Costumes, Getting Ready for Nutcracker

The Polichinelles listen gleefully to the story of The Nutcracker, read to them by Marlyn Moya-Rojas, as they get ready to try on their costumes, during rehearsal at Stargazer Studio.

The youngest members of the Nutcracker cast, got first peek at their costumes to play Polichinelles in the upcoming Nutcracker opening on December 2 at Brayton Hall.  Costume designer, Carole Klinko, mentor Ray, and Linda St. Louis all came to Stargazer Studio this Tuesday to see if their costumes did indeed fit.

What is a Polichinelle, you may ask?  Wikipedia says “Polichinelles are the little children or clowns in The Nutcracker ballet who emerge from Mother Ginger’s enormous hoop skirt to do a short dance. “

TCFAF may be bringing in dazzling  professional dancers from the USA for their first Nutcracker, but the littlest members of the cast will no doubt steal the show, as they emerge from under Mother Ginger’s enormous hoop skirt, played by last year’s Panto dame of A Little Caribbean Mermaid, Asa Williams.

The Polichinelles range in age from 4 to 7, and while 20 children are learning the dance, 12 will perform each night. They are Gianna Aquino, Savanna Barker, Mae Chaplin, Zoe Diotte-Joly, Dehja Fortunate, Luisa Hegewald, Charlotte Leonard, Mary McGinty, Gabriel Osmond, Maria Parker-Rauw, Abi Parnell, Ali Parnell, Emma Regan, Ella Rydon, Akia Seymour, Ella Toledo, Britney Walkin, Nyah Woody, Megan Zammit, and Paige Zammit.

The Polichinelles have been practicing since August for their role, but nevertheless, it’s been a challenge to have such young dancers learn all the steps!   With rehearsal once a week, they are learning to come out on cue, point their toes, chassé 12 times in a circle, skip around their partner 6 times, and line up in a queue holding on to each other.  With such precious costumes, coach Barbara Pankhurst is convinced that even if they are off cue or miss a step, they will still steal the show!

Tickets are on sale at The Saltmills Diner and Unicorn Bookstore for $20 for Adult, $5 for Youth, and $35 for Balcony.  Show dates are December 2, 3, 4 at 7:00 PM and on Sunday, December 5 at 2:00 PM.

Gabriel Osmond and Ella Toledo try on their costumes, getting ready for Nutcracker.

Gabriel Osmond, here with Savanna Barker and Akia Seymour wave a sign of approval for their Polichinelle costumes, designed by Carole Klinko for the upcoming Nutcracker.

Britney Walkin and Nyah Woody test a Polichinelle pose in their costumes to see if they fit.

Gianna Aquino and Luisa Hegewald hamming it up in their costumes.

Mae Chaplin, showing the pose she will take as the first one out of Mother Ginger’s voluminous skirt.

Megan Zammit, and her sister Paige are ready for their Nutcracker debut on December 2!

Zoe Diotte-Joly in yellow, and Maria Parker-Rauw in red certainly know how to pose for the camera!

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