TCFAF Art & Craft Expo 2010

The first ever TCFAF Art & Craft Expo 2010 will be held on the 20th November from 10-4pm at Turtle Cove Marina. It will showcase local talented artisans from across the Turks & Caicos Islands under one tented roof.  Organisers are Lucie Winton Stubbs & Emma Halliday.

‘The idea is to bring budding local artists together to help showcase & promote their talents. The island has lots of ‘undiscovered’ artists from printmakers, painter’s, photographers, jewelry designers, sculptors & bakers. .. as well as our well known  established artists… We thought why not put them all in touch with one another with the hope that eventually we can create a fantastic visual arts community of which TCI would be proud!

‘We thought it was only natural to raise funds for the TCFAF … after helping to paint the sets of  the ‘Little Caribbean Mermaid’ production  the TCFAF  hosted last year, we realized how much fun & enjoyment was had by all & that we needed to reconnect those artists.’

The Art & Craft Expo will be the launching pad for this.  It will truly be an ‘Art for the Family’ event, while helping to raise funds for the TCFAF. We will also have refreshments & tasty treats to eat as well as live music to listen to as you browse the vast array of fantastic arts and crafts for sale.

Some of the artist showcasing will be:  Lucie Winton Stubbs, Emma Halliday, Alex Skye, Stacie Steensland Gaudet, Jackie Walker, Middle Caicos Co-op, Gem Braithwaite , Annie McCloud to name just a few…

Anyone wishing to take part should contact Lucie or Emma:

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