Nutcracker to open on Thursday, DEC 2 at Brayton Hall

The excitement of Christmas comes early in Providenciales, as the Friends of the Arts opens its Nutcracker this Thursday, DEC 2 at 7:00pm at Brayton Hall. As many as 70 local children and adults have been feverishly rehearsing their roles since August, and now with costumes sewn, sets painted, and the International artists here, TCFAF is ready to pull the whole production together.

It is a wintry night. Marie’s family is throwing a holiday party. Marie’s Uncle Drosselmeyer, has brought her a very special present….a toy nutcracker. That night, as Marie drifts off to sleep, her dreams take her on a magical journey to the Land of the Sweets. There, she meets many friends including the Sugar Plum Fairy, Spanish Chocolate, an Arabian Princess, Chinese Tea, Russian Peppermint, Marzipan Shepherdesses, Mother Ginger with her little Polichinelles, and Salt Cay Candy.

Relive the timeless and enchanting story of Marie and her Nutcracker Prince, who battle the Mouse Queen and her legions, where the Christmas toys come alive, and Marie and her Prince journey into the Snow Forest and the Land of the Sweets – all set to the most beautiful music by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, where it originally debuted in 1892!

The thrill of our local dancers to be side by side with professional dancers from the USA is a real treat. Celebrity actor and dancer, George de la Peña will play Uncle Drosselmeyer. He has invited Jennifer Pray and Steven Gray to dance the delectable roles of Sugar Plum and her Cavalier. Pages to Pirouettes, a not-for-profit Pennsylvania-based dance company has set an abridged story to life, incorporating our local dancers and bringing in their principal dancers: Susan Cade as Mrs. Stahlbaum and Arabian Princess, Laura McGinty as Marie, Rachel Condello as the Mouse Queen and Marzipan, and Ruben Ybarra as the Nutcracker Prince. Actor Scott Cannon will be the storyteller.

The Victorian and Land of Sweets sets and props are spectacular, as designed by David Klinko, masterfully constructed by Mike St. Louis, and painted by our brilliant local artists: Lucie Winton Stubbs, Emma Halliday, Alex Skye, Leslie Williams, and David Klinko. Don’t miss the Victorian Christmas Party, the mysterious Uncle Drosselmeyer, the magical growing Christmas tree, the Battle between the mice and the toy soldiers, and the delicious Sugar Plum.

Tickets are on sale at the Saltmills Diner and Unicorn Bookstore at $20 for adults; $5 for youth (18 and under); $35 for balcony in the evenings THU, FRI, SAT, starting at 7:00pm sharp. The Sunday 2:00pm show is $15 for adults.

Rehearsals with the Polichinelles

Rehearsals with the Polichinelles

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One Response to Nutcracker to open on Thursday, DEC 2 at Brayton Hall

  1. Elain Daviau says:


    Next week I will be visiting your beautiful islands and I noticed that you have a performance coming up. The Nutcracker has always been a favorite story of mine and if possible I may get an opportinuty to attend. As a dance teacher and arts supporter I appreciate all the hard work the dancers and theatre team put into the performance. The place I am staying at is in Provo on the Grace Beach area, near the grocery store. If the theatre is near the place maybe I can stop by and see the performance, in any case I wish you well in this season’s show.
    Elain Daviau M.Div.
    A.I.S.T.D. Assoc. Diploma.
    Cecchetti Faculty

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