A Glittering Performance – Dancescapes’ Sea of Stars Sparkled!

Press Release – May 31, 2011

From the Turks and Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF)

In 2008, Louis Kavouras, Chair of the UNLV Department of Dance, created an ingenious work of art entitled “Ocean” using 9 visiting artists, and over a dozen local dancers in TCI.  Again in 2009, Louis created the miraculous “Icarus” using 18 visiting artists, and over 17 of our local dancers.  Last weekend, Louis along with Peter Jakubowski, production manager and resident designer for UNLV Dance, debuted “Sea of Stars” on the Brayton Hall stage, using 6 of his students and 8 of our own local dancers, two of whom were only 10 years old. “Sea of Stars” is a scintillating piece of complicated choreography that mesmerized the audience. Over 300 crystals hung from the stage, with each dancer holding hand-lights to imitate astronomical constellations.  It was the grand finale of a magnificently crafted show.

Each year that UNLV Dancescapes returns to Provo, dancers flock to Louis’s Master Classes to learn the new piece that he brings.  This year, he explained that a “Sea of Stars” was inspired by his past visits to TCI, where he observed the clear night skies above the ocean!

The show had remarkable choreography by both International guest artists and UNLV students, and saw the debut performance of the Bowen Dance Company with artistic director Shara Goldsmith Bowen.

Our littlest dancers from Nutcracker performed three interlude dances with artist Hillary Gibson.  Louis, after seeing the “TCFAF Nutcracker 2010” video, was moved to create these three dances for the 14 dance students (age 6-9) who came to the Junior Classes at Stargazer each evening.

TCFAF and Dancescapes travelled all over the island last week, presenting lecture/demonstrations at 6 schools (Ianthe Pratt, Enid Capron, Oseta Jolly, Clement Howell, The Ashcroft School, and Provo Primary), as well as afternoon classes at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre, and Master and Junior Classes at Stargazer Studio, reaching over 1,000 local children with his message of dance.

Louis began his lecture/demonstrations by asking the children, “What is Dance?”  After demonstrating Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz routines, he elicited a response from the children to explain why each dance form was distinctive and unique. After several diverse pieces, Louis asked them, “What did you like about the piece?” Free tickets were distributed to the government schools, and the teachers used Q&A to choose the most attentive students to receive a donated ticket.

UNLV visiting artists were sponsored by the Turks and Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF) and the Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre. They were housed at the Pankhursts’ Stargazer Villa and the Gartlands’ Turtle Cove Villa. Very generous restaurants provided dinner each night for the dancers: The Saltmills Diner and Café, Bay Bistro/Kissing Fish, Tiki Hut, Baci, Thai Orchid, Somewhere on the Beach, and Neptune/Las Brisas. Stargazer Chefs provided breakfast and lunch for the week. Tickets were sold at The Unicorn Bookstore and the Saltmills Diner and Café.

TCFAF wishes to thank the UNLV Department of Dance, Dean Jeffrey Koep, the spectacular Peter Jakubowski, the highly evolved Louis Kavouras, and the talented and lovely UNLV student artists – Amanda, Ashley, Candi, Hillary, Jesus, Kaili, and RJ — for supporting this program here in Turks and Caicos, and touching our lives with DANCE!!!

TCFAF would also like to thank Bob Hayward & Security Management Services, Betty Maclaine and her Front of House Volunteers, the TCFAF Backstage and Technical Crew, Power 92.5 and 102.5 Kiss FM, PTV, the Free Press, The Weekly, E-News, and Brayton Hall. The support for TCFAF endeavors is overwhelming!

Newly elected TCFAF President Lynne Pettman had this to say, “The UNLV Dancescapes team has for the 3rd time ‘wowed’ all of us who have been a part of this fabulous collaboration!  Involved at every level we have had art lovers of all ages, from little children in the primary schools, to teens at the Youth Centre and High School level and finally to the adults and families who came to see the shows.  The amazing energy that these dancers bring to us has touched so many people and left us all with smiles and even some tears.  Everyone please know that TCFAF is your friend of the Arts and we are only a simple phone call, text, or post away,  and just waiting to meet you and share even more wonderful TCI experiences with you.”  Please see our blog at TCFAF.wordpress.com.

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