Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation (TCFAF)

Encouraging a dream,

Opening eyes and hearts to the diversity of the arts

Entertaining everyone on the island,

Local, expatriate, young and old

Educating by improving and enhancing resources,

Offering opportunities to all

Together as FRIENDS we can do it!

Create the Magic . . .Build a Dream . . .Become a Friend . . .

Please let us introduce you to the Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation ( TCFAF ), a not-for-profit organization, founded in February 2002.  TCFAF was created with a specific mission: to promote a heightened appreciation of the performing and visual arts in the Turks & Caicos Islands through: Encouragement, Entertainment & Education.


We have received overwhelming response from all of our endeavors.  However, there are so many ideas and so much potential of what we can do on this island if we all work together –

the possibilities are endless and the impact is limitless.

We need your support!  Become a Friend by making a donation.  No contribution is too small or too large – your support is what will make a difference.


We have an ambitious and exciting challenge ahead of us and through diversity and dedication we can succeed.


· To facilitate local drama, music and dance groups

· To provide instruments and other resources to groups that promote music

· To provide supplies to groups that promote arts and crafts

· To provide scholarships to study performing and visual arts

· To facilitate the coordination of artistic exhibitions, festivals and performances



· To invite internationally recognized artists to perform or exhibit

· To invite local artists and groups to perform or exhibit

· To sponsor and coordinate attendance at international competitions & festivals



· To conduct workshops, seminars, camps and classes to develop skills in dance, music, drama & arts & crafts

· To sponsor and coordinate local and overseas trips to attend classes & workshops