Men are from Turks Women are from Caicos – April 20,21 Brayton Hall

Directors’ Comments – Kim Mortimer and Cora Malcolm

This show touches on pretty much everything there is to do with relationships between men and women. From love, honeymoons, pregnancies, marriages, therapy and even death. This performance will leave you laughing and crying all at the same time. Mostly shaking your head in recognition of…”I’ve had a moment like that”!
The show is a number of independent short one-act plays that each in some way shed light on what it means to be a male and what it means to be a female. While some of the tales are a little far fetched, there is no question that we can still all, in our own way, relate to each character. These characters are real people that deal with all the same emotions, frustrations and fears we do.
These one-act vignettes are told through the eyes of the narrators, whom are two related married couples that are out on a double date night. With each of their own interpretations of the stories being told throughout the evening also creating enough heated debated between them to reinforce that men and women might just be from different places.
This all takes place in a restaurant, which brings with it, it’s own magical experience. The restaurant seems to have a Shakespearean themed night going on as the legendary characters from these timeless plays keep turning up to offer advice and even go on a date.
There is so much going on it will keep you guessing each and every way. This night of comic relief came about in a very organic manner and it should be treated as heart lightly as it was when it evolved.
Theater is what ever you make of it and we only hope that this real comic drama like tonight’s show, Men Are From Turks And Women Are From Caicos, encourages more people to enjoy and maybe even to be a a part of the dramatic world.

INFORMATION:, 649-941-4617,


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